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The pioneer of the computer era and visionary genius, Steve Jobs once said, 

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.”

His vision towards user experience is a testimony to the unparalleled usability and sheer elegance of Apple products that have taken the world by storm. Time and again, proving that innovative products with the most seamless user experience always emerge as marketplace winners. 

As a UI UX design company in Chennai, our goal is to educate our clients on how designing customer-centric user journeys will help them succeed in business.

What do you mean by user journey? Why is it important?

A user journey is a visual representation of a series of steps taken by a user (on a website or application) to achieve an objective. The user journey includes all the aspects of a user’s interaction with a product, a chain of events and numerous decision points that transport a user from one step to the next.

Any separate activity taken by a real-world user during the process of reaching the desired goal counts as an individual step. For example, adding items to the cart before purchasing a product is an individual step.

All these steps should essentially provide a sense of progression. Therefore, to create realistic user journeys, designers must invariably consider user perspectives. Knowing what the user wants and examining different possibilities of how they will further proceed to achieve the end goal is essential.

User journeys demonstrate existing or future user operations while providing a clear overview of how simple or difficult it is for an end-user to interact with a product.

How do you develop a user journey?

Developing a user journey includes a series of steps such as,  

Identification of users and creating respective personas to provide a clear narrative.

Determining the exact goal and scenarios that serve as the backdrop during a user’s attempt to accomplish the desired task.

Defining the context in which a scenario takes place. Such as defining the physical environment that governs the user experience. Factors that may distract a user during interaction, emotions felt by the user that can influence their buying decisions. And, thoughts of the user during each phase that displays a confused, pleasant, or irritated state of mind.

For example, complex steps or excessive options can affect a user’s ability to comprehend the process. Often leading to the user feeling agitated and eventually leaving a journey or transaction midway and incomplete.

Lastly, identifying the gaps between the intended and actually delivered customer experience.  

Hence, understanding user journey, the needs and struggles is vital for building stronger customer experiences that increase retention and form lasting associations with your brand.

UI UX can substantially transform the way a business operates, if only firms succeed in creating seamless user journeys by paying attention to detail.

Being a renowned UI UX design company in Chennai, we focus on solving customer challenges by creating user-centred design interfaces that meet user expectations and uncovers new possibilities.