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Best DevOps Tools To Enable Your Organization Agile

Domaincer - Best DevOps tools

DevOps tools refer to all the tools, platforms, servers, and other applications used in software development life cycle (SDLC) models. SDLC explains how software is transferred to the customers using a series of steps. DevOps tools help to ensure effective sharing and transfer of information within an organization. DevOps consulting focuses on helping companies implement software development principles to ensure efficiency from applications.  

There are different tools available that DevOps consultants can suggest according to your needs, some of which are given below.

Domaincer - Best DevOps tools
Picture 1: Best DevOps tools for agile

1. Git: Distributed source code management and version control system

It is considered one of the most popular and widely used DevOps tools across the software industry. It allows the user to track the progress of his development work. It allows SCM (Source Code Management) to perform pull requests to merge their branches into other developers’ code repositories. Git allows branching workflow, which helps in creating an isolated environment for any change in the codebase.

2. Jira: Issue and project tracking platform

It is a powerful issue tracking and project management tool that initially started as a bug tracking tool. It helps DevOps teams to plan, track and manage software development programs. DevOps consulting agencies suggest the usage of Jira as it serves as a single source of truth for development information across the DevOps workflow. It has a user-friendly interface that helps the user see the status of your projects in development, create branches and pull requests, view commits, and visualize progress.

3. SonarQube: Automated code review tool

It is a tool used for static code analysis that has become the industry standard. It can be used as an open-source review tool that supports 27 programming languages. It analyzes the source code of applications written in multiple languages and focuses on code quality and security during the entire development process. It does so by automatically checking the codebase against thousands of static code analysis rules.

4. Gradle: Multi-language build automation tool

Gradle is a DevOps tool that is famous for its versatility and is used amongst different ecosystems like Java, Groovy, and Scala. It uses incremental blocks that verify if the output and input have changed since the last run. DevOps teams use Gradle to build projects like Java libraries.

5. Containerization platforms

Containerization is a manner of operating system virtualization through which applications are run in isolated user spaces. And containerized platforms are software that helps to manage containerized applications.

1. Docker: Open-source containerization platform

It helps in packaging all your applications and all dependencies in the form of containers so that the application works smoothly. It was created mainly to ensure that applications are easier to create and run.

2. Kubernetes: Automated container-orchestration platform

It is an orchestration platform that facilitates operations of an elastic web server framework. It can be used for web hosting and also supports data center outsourcing to public cloud servers.

CI/CD and Deployment tools

Its full form is a continuous integration and continuous deployment. It ensures the introduction of automation into different stages of app development before delivering it to the customers.

1. Bamboo: commercial automated CI/CD server

It is an Atlassian server solution that helps in automating pipeline delivery from builds to deployment. It can easily integrate other Atlassian products.

 2. Octopus Deploy

It allows automation of your deployment process across different environments and releases. It can also be used with different CI/CD servers to trigger Octopus deployment.

These were different DevOps tools available that DevOps consultants generally recommend according to your needs. Different agencies provide consultancy, out of which one is Domaincer. If you are looking for experts for suggestions, then you can contact Domaincer.