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Digital Transformation Aids Better Customer Experience in 2021

Digital transformation has a great impact on customer experience which is directly connected to the profitability and even the survivability of an organisation. This article explains how digital transformation strategy aids better customer experience.

The world has changed. Digital devices and services connect the world and provide customers with more choices than ever before. Every industry suffers disruption, and businesses must bring digital transformation to fulfil customer demands and stay out of the competition. 

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the changes in an organisation`s processes, structure, functions, and business models due to the integration of digital technology for improving its performance.

Digital transformation is essential for organisations that want to grow, evolve and be more successful than their competitors.

A study at MIT found that companies that have adopted digital transformation are 26% more profitable than their competitors!

Digital Transformation Pie-chart

Benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Strategy can lead to many benefits for organizations. This include,

  • Improving organisational processes
  • Enhancing customer value propositions
  • Providing better customer collaboration
  • Improving the quality of customer services
  • Reducing the costs of products and services
  • Gaining competitive advantages, and
  • Improving customer experience

Getting Started with Digital Transformation Strategy

A study reveals that data analytics, trends analytics, process analytics, business model, strategic execution, value proposition, customer services, customer processes, customer collaboration, customer engagement, integration, capability, and capacity are crucial for the successful implementation of digital transformation in an organisation. 

This results in the development of a new framework for successfully implementing digital transformation towards a better customer experience.

Digital Transformation & Customer Experience

There are three major building blocks with which most of the companies are digitally transforming customer experience are-

  1. Customer understanding
  2. Top-line growth, and 
  3. Customer touch points

Customer Understanding

  • Companies have started exploring social media to understand what makes customers happy and what makes them dissatisfied.
  • Companies are learning to promote their brands more effectively through digital media at a low cost.
  • Many organizations are also building online communities to advise and build loyalty with clients. For example, in medical, real estate,  financial services products, etc.

Top-Line Growth

Companies are using the latest digital technology to enhance sales conversations. For example,

  • Financial services companies are using digital media to make sales pitches.
  • One retailer can list products in an online mobile app or e-commerce site. This simplifies the shopping process, allowing customers extra time to look at other products and save their time.

Customer Touch Points

Customer service can be enhanced significantly with the help of digital technologies.

For example,

  • A bank established social media accounts to quickly answer client complaints/ queries, helping customers avoid visiting a branch physically.
  • Many organisation are now offering self-service via digital tools. These tools help the customer to save time, along with saving the company money.

Final Words

The adoption of digital transformation for improving customer experience is a complex process. It is associated with understating complex customer information, managing changing customer behaviours, enhancing business models, integrating technologies, and acting according to the changing business conditions.

For successful implementation of digital transformation for improving customer experience, it’s crucial to understand the critical success factors associated with it.

So, if you want a solid digital transformation strategy that ensures improving customer experience and revenue growth of your organisation/ business, you should find a well experienced and dedicated team. 

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