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Importance of mobile apps

With the rapid growth of technology, the smartphone has become a vital part of human life. The main advantage of using mobile phones in daily life is portability. Smartphones gave a new face to all business with the invention of mobile apps. Nowadays, every business started building their mobile apps to enrich the customer experience. Right from ticket booking to product purchase people started availing services from home. The popularity of mobile apps has been increased in the year 2020 were mobile internet users is rising, and desktop internet user’s usage continues to fall as per reports from Mary Meeker. Are you a smartphone lover? Then it’s time to know about the exciting stats from top websites.

Importance of Mobile Apps - Domaincer
  1. There are more than 2.9 million apps available in the play store – Statista
  2. On average, more than 100,000 new Android apps are released in the Google Play Store every month. (Statista)
  3. Facebook Messenger is the top mobile app worldwide by download, and WhatsApp is the leading mobile app worldwide by monthly active users. (App Annie)
  4. Smartphone users spend 50% of their mobile app time in social and communications apps. (App Annie)

The mobile apps are becoming the primary interaction medium between brand and people. Mobile apps open a new door of opportunity in the digital market to interact with customers quickly. Mobile apps have changed the feel of marketing, and it almost covered by all sectors. Integrating your business with mobile app development company in chennai can take your brand to the next level. If you don’t take this advantage, you will be lost in the crowd of competitor market. Skyrocket your business with top-notch Android or IOS application to stay connected with your targeted audiences. Ignoring mobile marketing is no longer an option for any business so let’s look out some of the benefits of using mobile apps for your business.

  1. Business Exposure
  2. Interact more with targeted customers
  3. Free advertisement for your business
  4. Boosting curiosity
  5. Increased brand reputation
  6. Connect global users
  7. Generate more traffic & higher conversion rate
  8. Enhanced UI/UX
  9. Increase customer engagement
  10. Reduce marketing costs

Mobile apps can be used to increase business loyalty, and it helps you to connect directly with targeted customers via mobile notifications. People will remember your brand daily, and it enhances your business growth globally. Do you know? Domino’s Pizza increased its sales by 28 per cent after the release of its mobile app. Around half of the orders has been placed only through mobile apps; also, they have posted some offers to grab more installations. Most of the mobile apps are integrated with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more for more comprehensive marketing coverage.

Businesses can make use of mobile apps Android as well as IOS to source valuable information about customer’s preferences and behavioural structure to understand & make critical decisions based on accumulated data. A person is more likely to pay attention to mobile notifications from their Android or IOS app rather than checking the company website or mail. Within your mobile app, you can implement functionalities like integrated shopping carts, reminders, notifications and many more. Today mobile app marketing industry is a boom and continuously rocking the digital market and satisfying every need of the user.

Creating a responsive website is the most critical elements to consider in the current trend of marketing. The user-friendly mobile apps are the pillar for your website where it boosts traffic 2X faster. Don’t wait!! Tie-up with a mobile app development company in Chennai that helps in designing an intuitive app for your brand/business at an affordable cost.