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Google May 2021 Core update snippets

While Google makes thousands of changes to its search algorithm every year, the core updates are made once a year. After May 2020’s update redefining the search algorithm, Google is expected to launch another update in May 2021, which will then be rolled out and implemented by August. 

As these changes roll, the ranking of your website will likely change, and therefore, you will have to optimize your website to the new algorithm to ensure you get a higher ranking in the Google SERP. 

Domaincer SEO algorithm update
Google algorithm update 2021

Page experience

While everyone knows that Google ranks pages according to the keywords and relevance to the query, four other criteria can increase your chance of ranking in the top pages. These are:

  • The loading speed of your webpage
  • Safety of the user while visiting your website
  • The mobile-friendliness of your webpage
  • The accessibility of the content

Together these make up the ‘page experience’ for the user. The better the user’s experience with your webpage is the higher your ranking in the top. 

Showing a pop-up ad that will partially cover the content is one of the most common examples of having non-accessible content. When a user sees this ad, they will first try to close it to view the content. If they’re unable to do so or feel the web page has too many intrusive elements, they will likely exit your website. This shortens their interaction with your website and further reduces your chances of ranking high in the SERP.

As one of the best social media marketing companies in Chennai, Domancier has experience in SEO optimization and recommends a simple strategy to upgrade your user’s page experience.

Strategy to upgrade your page experience

Secure using HTTPSFirst, ensure your website defaults to a safe connection. This can be done if your website defaults to HTTPS, an internet communication protocol that is made to ensure data confidentiality. It uses encryption to ensure that data cannot be modified, corrupted or deleted during a transfer. 

  • Ensure safe-browsing for users

Ensure your webpage does not contain any deceptive content which could lead to malware, hacked content (content placed without your permission) or social engineering (content that tricks users into revealing data).

  • Mobile-friendliness

While everyone knows what mobile friendliness is, very few websites are optimized properly to use this Mobile-Friendly Test to check your web page’s score. 

  • Intrusive interstitials

If you have any intrusive interstitials, pop-up ads, remove them. These intrusive pop-up ads don’t include legal notices or login dialogues; rather, they focus on promotional banners that hold little or no meaning to the actual content.

  • Speed

You can use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to find your webpage’s speed. According to Google, for a good user experience, web pages should have a score between 90-100. Alter your webpage to increase this score.

Waiting for a website to load is painful for all users. However, it is worse still if the user is greeted with a pop-The reason we recommend partnering with the best SEO company in Chennai is simple: they would know where and how to upgrade user experience without changing your content or brand image.