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Rise of Mobile Commerce Post COVID-1

Domaincer - Mobile Ecommerce

The global pandemic has had a life-altering impact on every individual around the world. From medical to social, every aspect of our lives has transformed. Before the pandemic, the online presence of every mobile user was noticeable, however, the pandemic rose the charts to a great level.

The mobile e-commerce scenario is quite intriguing, post Covid-19. People take precautions by diverting all their daily and occasional purchases of goods and services on mobile applications.

Domaincer - Mobile Ecommerce
Picture 1: Importance of Business in Mobile Ecommerce

Not only are people showing interest as consumers but also as entrepreneurs. Many young people have developed unique mobile applications as the market is booming. A lot of people seek the aid of a mobile app development company in Chennai, Domaincer, for their mobile app development. The better the application, the better the sales in this dynamic market.

Mobile e-commerce sales growth across different countries

Everyone has access to the internet, and thus, everyone has access to mobile shopping applications. The pandemic has induced a kind of paranoia, due to which people now refrain from leaving their houses to purchase items physically. 

Additionally, an application is present for every need of mankind. From a grocery app to an app for contacting a mechanic, everything is available at your fingertips. Therefore, the sales growth in mobile e-commerce does not come as a shock. 

According to surveys, Turkey, China, Russia, and the US. Brazil was forecast to have the highest mobile e-commerce sales by the end of 2021, with an annual growth of 35%. Russia stands second with a growth of 32% in mobile commerce retail sales.

Online shopping increase by mobile devices

The increase in online shopping through mobile devices led to a prediction of a 44% CAGR rise by 2024. With popular lifestyle shopping platforms like Amazon, there is no end to online shopping and the sales generated through it. Almost 54% of e-commerce sales are expected to be derived through mobile commerce.

Winner and loser of the e-commerce shift

Earlier, the tag of winner and loser under the e-commerce aspect was assigned to offline and online shopping portals. Nonetheless, the competition has changed with the sudden emergence of an existing e-commerce type, i.e., mobile commerce.

The statistics and surveys clearly show that people prefer buying through their mobiles rather than surfing various websites online, on their desktops. The convenience and agility that mobile e-commerce provides are indeed impeccable. It seems that though e-commerce through other mediums has constantly been evolving, mobile commerce is ready to take the lead after the pandemic.

Will mobile commerce popularity continue into a world after covid?

The post-Covid-19 world is an evolved one. There are ample changes that the world has now adopted and adapted. With such an inclusive nature of the world today, mobile e-commerce will certainly continue. Its popularity remains intact and growing as it has excellent growth potential, better customer experience, various payment options, and all-time accessibility. 

Alas, no one can predict the future but can hope for the mobile e-commerce industry to grow as it has offered a lot to both consumers and sellers.