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8 of the best tools to write smashing, SEO-friendly content

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Building the right SEO strategy has always been a sweet-sour journey. It does not imply that it’s tough; all it needs is the right techniques. The edge comes with using the right tools for SEO creation. Online businesses can take advantage of the SEO expertise of the best SEO Company in Chennai. 

SEO goes beyond searching the right keywords; it’s much more than that. Online businesses need to have content that is being actively searched and liked by the target audience. 

This article lists some of the attractive SEO tools that help online businesses achieve their business goals with engaging traffic-generating content. 

1. Google search console

Google Search Console

It is essential for the execution of your SEO campaign. Google Search Console gives you access to information about your website’s performance as well as various tools.

You can know details on:

  1. pages that are performing well.
  2. What search queries people are typing on the Google search bar in order to reach your company and its content assets.
  3. The number of pages that have already been indexed.

It will be much easier to tweak the content plan and make it more targeted based on this information.

2. SEMRush


A most preferred tool for SEO, SEMRush, includes theme improvements, contentious fact-findingand the creation of links. And while great keyword research is at the base of any acceptable content blueprint, SEMRush is the mechanism to use to find high volume, less-competitive keywords that work.

Essentially, SEM also involves few SEO tools. The SEO Content Template tool allows you to launch your chosen keywords and generate suggestions for creating SEO-helpful material.

3. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

True to its name, Google Keyword Planner provides a comprehensive view of the keywords that can help you with your customer acquisition goals. You’ll also get an idea of how competitive a particular keyword or phrase is within your industry specifically. The underlying foundation of a successful SEO tactic is choosing high-volume keywords that are not too competitive. 

4. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

Yet another way is Surfer SEO that works as a SERP Analyser; it lets you search your target keywords, run evaluations on every single page in SERPs, and approach component-based choices to enhance your notes. 

It’s easy to spot what watchwords these pages earmark, the length of the documents, what buzzwords are employed in the ideas, do they have any familiar backlinks, etc.

To lure search engine algorithms, you can originate aggressively and arrange the information. 

5. Page Optimizer Pro or POP tool 

Page Optimizer Pro

One can rank high on several pages using the most aggressive keywords using the insight from this tool. POP SEO tool is the tool that helps other writers use identical techniques in their themes. Indeed, it is one of the best content optimization tools for a successful online presence. 

6. Text Tool for SEO

A text tool is an SEO tool that delivers. It helps to add value to your existing content mechanism.  It contains some of the surfer SEO and POP elements. This tool is the best choice for new writers learning about SEO content writing or budget-conscious. 

Text tool performs by presenting you options on what and where to deploy specific and crucial wordings.

7. Grammarly 


It is likely that even a well-versed professional content writer can commit mistakes in spelling and grammar in the textThat’s why Grammarly comes in to point 90% misses in content. No wonder you can use this free writing companion aid within Google Docs when writing your subject matter or theme. Along with your website, Grammarly also works with Facebook.

8. Quora


With Successful content marketing, one can reach a wider audience across multiple platforms. One such platform is Quora. You can use Quora to respond to user questions and direct people to your content. Quora is excellent for driving links to websites.  

Bottom Line 

Hopefully, you find the tools and tips useful to create SEO-friendly content. These tools can help you write what people want to read and share. You can go ahead and create content from scratch or update existing content.