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Is website development a product or service

Most of the businesses, irrespective of what they engage in, have a website. It is common. But the big question is – what is website development? A product? A service? Some say it’s a product that the experts sell. In contrast, some hold that it is a facility provided by professionals. 

How a business is advertised depends a lot on the type of leads generated- hire one of the prominent leading Web development companies in ChennaiThis article sheds light on the whole website development process. Let’s begin. 

A small note 

The terms product and service are both used by clients who need website development. When business owners are asked what they need, most will reply, “we want a website”, and think about it is as a product. And some will say “we need development services”. 

So ‘’website’’ appears to be associated with a product, while ‘’development’’ is a service. 


Let’s point out some key differences in products and services related to website initiation:

1. Website Products are actual: Web development is abstract  

Though the software is uploaded onto a website, a website product is most often considered a tangible object. As more need to be physically located on servers, codes, files, data, etc., are counted as products.  

Web development may or may not include a tangible item, such as offering service and delivering results according to clients need. 

2. Products can be returned: Services cannot be returned

If you are not happy, it’s easy to transfer a website (product) from one web host to another. But, once the development services are rendered, one cannot return the website. 

Web development service is tailor-made individually according to a client’s needs. 

3. Long term needs: Product vs Services

The purpose is to meet a need and build an enduring relationship when your team develops a client website. This is where the concept of service comes in. It’s the reason why web development agencies step in to create lasting relationships with clients who want tailored websites that are different in every way.

4. Product or Service: Client involvement

 Clients do not play any role in the production when you sell a product to them. They only step in at the time of the buying process. 

But in web development services, it is different. The client is very much involved in the entire process, from concept to finalisation 

5. Product vs Service: Scalability

To scale a product is not tough as you can do it by increasing production, maximising distribution, and reaching out. 

But scaling a service-based business can be a challenge. When you get clients, your web development company will need an extra workforce to meet the requirement. If you fail, your business will fail to sustain itself.


When marketing your agency to clients, you need to plan to present your agency as a product or a service. So, when clients choose one of the best Web development companies in Chennai, they know they are getting both a good product and reliable service.