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Type of Logos and its benefits in the Market

Type of Logos and its benefits in the Market

There is a reason why we retain images than words, pictorial depictions than long descriptions or video renditions than audio announcements. It is because the memory can recall something that is seen well than something that is either read or heard. After, all ‘a picture is always worth a thousand words’.
In this day and age, where nearly every industry is crawling with over-competitive rats racing endlessly, it simply cannot be ignored that the businesses have to be remembered.
If your consumer has seen you, then he will remember you in the hour of need.

And how will the consumer see you?

Your brand can get visibility through your name and logo that will appear on your product, brand advertisements, promotion pamphlets, hoardings, business cards, social media pages, newspapers, magazines and a dozen other media.
Apart from the need to be distinguished, businesses need a identity because:

  • Not everyone will be familiar with the language in which the name of the product/brand is written.
  • It stay in the heads of the masses. People may forget words, but they can always place a pictorial description.
  • A logo represents what a company has to offer to the consumer and how it can add value in entirety.

Thus, logos play a significant role in the field of marketing, brand recognition or brand building.

At Domaincer, we design logos that can be a word in a unique font, a letter, a miniature sketch, a symbol etc. Below are some of them explained.

Android logos

Logos in the form of wordmarks have the complete name of the brand in the logo. They are suitable when the company’s name is small and catchy.

Google is the best example for the wordmark logo. Another one is Calvin Klein. These companies chose to keep the complete name as its logo.

In this type, the colour-scheme of the font and the flow of letters are carefully designed keeping in mind the preference and promotional goals of the company.


Symbols are sometimes used as logos. But it has to be created carefully as it should portray the interests and goals of the company. For example, the logo of Nike is a symbol depicting movement and freedom.

Symbol form of logo helps in distinguishing the brand well. This type is usually simple and elegant. The logo of Chase complies with the previous statement.

It could also be literal that is keeping in accordance with the name of the brand. An accurate example of this is Apple.

However, it may not be a good idea to use a symbol form of the logo if the business model of the company is going to change in the future.

Starbucks emblem

This type is a traditional kind of logo in which the font is inside an icon or a symbol or any other pictorial depiction. Emblem logos are popular among schools, colleges, universities and government agencies as well.

Emblem logos represent security and superiority. This kind is also preferred by the automobile industry and food chains too.

Starbucks, the popular chain of coffee shops, has an emblem logo with a mermaid inside. Emblem logos can be tricky because the design has to be unique.

Collection of logo image

Logo in combination form is a safe alternative to choose. A combination logo comprises of everything. There is no bar in this kind of creativity. The design can consist of a name, mascot, symbol, letter mark etc.

Combination logos promote the company’s brand in a better way. The name of the company gets out, and the base of the brand gets stronger.

The picture and the name can be placed beside each other, or they can be stacked too. We offer precision with the design so that the logo does not come across as crowded or cluttered.

Letter Mark
IBM Text Brand identity

Letter mark is an alternative for companies who wish to showcase their full name but cannot because the company’s name is longer than its tagline. Such companies have the option to use letter mark as its logo.

Letter mark is usually the abbreviated form of the entire company’s name or few letters. An example of such kind is the IT giant IBM.

However, it always carries the risk that people may have a hard time remembering the company’s entire name.

Eventually, the type of logo to represent your company is chosen based on your brand aesthetics, the kind of audience you cater to your individual preferences. We at Domaincer can help you pick the most unique identification because logos are just more than brand representation.