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How the web portal helps health industry to manage the patients during covid situations?

In the healthcare industry, web portal plays an important role like interaction and communication of patients with their healthcare providers, online appointment booking, tracking patient’s health condition, etc. This article explains how the web portal helps the health industry to manage the patients during covid situations.

Due to the rapid and unexpected spread of coronavirus disease, health systems all over the world face an unprecedented new challenge. COVID-19 has become a major and primary concern for people worldwide.

Limited physical interactions and self-isolation are required to prevent and reduce the spread of infection. In such case, eHealth technology like web portals helps in minimizing physical contact and thus reduces infection rate.

 Why Does Health Industry Need a Web Portal During COVID Like Situations?

From the health care professionals perspective, COVID-19 brings many challenges and opportunities for the digital health care industry.

As health care professionals are also at high risk of infection themselves, in-person visits need to be minimum.

Digital health care solutions, including remote patient monitoring, contact-free prescreening tool, telehealth, online appointment booking, and secure communications between physicians and their patients, may thus rapidly become a significant tool during COVID Situations

How Web Portal Helps During COVID-19

Web portals provide patients access to their health information 24/7 online.  Patients can use these portals to-

  • Message their doctor,
  • View lab results,
  • Request medication refills,
  • Schedule appointments,
  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Get details on the availability of beds, oxygen and other needs.
  • Helps in COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Make payments
  • Share important data & documents
  • Your medical history including allergies, medicines, immunizations, etc.
  • and more…

Along with COVID-19, Studies also shows that patients with complex conditions such as diabetes can reduce their hospital stays by the regular use of web portals.

Web Portal In Covid-19 Vaccination

Web portals have played a crucial role in COVID management from the starting of the pandemic. It plays a significant role in vaccination also. The portal can help –

  • Schedule the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Communication about what to do at an appointment
  • Notification about receiving a follow-up vaccine
  • Educating patients on the importance of vaccination

Future of Web Portal in Post-Pandemic World

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry has undergone a drastic change. As we look to the future and imagine a post-pandemic world, many of these changes are likely to stay here. Digital health technologies like web portals are one of them.

The use of web portals will increase day by day even after the post-COVID world. Patients have grown habituated to having this tool. This is because technology adoption will promote better patient outcomes. Patients don’t have to wait hours in a crowded waiting room.

Final Words

A web portal is a very important tool to support the general public needs of a healthcare system to manage the COVID-19 epidemic. The health portals bring together the latest technologies that can play a crucial role in crisis management and attract public sectors. 

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