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Brand recognition & Brand Awareness And Why it Matters

Brand refers to the identity of a certain company/ business; this could be created through aesthetically pleasing logos, colors, sound, and animation. Brand awareness is the moving force for digital strategies. It refers to making people familiar with your brands, products, or services. Well-planned awareness campaigns help in targeting the audience and giving them a reason to select you. 

It is overriding for businesses who tend to promote themselves on social media platforms. And brand recognition refers to the propensity of the customers through which you can get to know and compare the attributes of different brands. For instance, if a person wants to buy a car, they would have a clear idea of the car they want, what mileage it will give, its appearance, and additional features. While being aware of other cars, they tend to compare all of them to choose the one perfect for them.

Domaincer - Brand Awarness & Brand recognition
Picture 1: The difference perspective of Brand awareness and Brand recognition

The difference between brand recognition and brand awareness

The basic difference between both terms is that brand recognition deals with the customer’s remembrance of the color, logo, or ad. It makes it indisputable that the customers choose your brand based on its look, whereas brand awareness is a bit more rectified term in which the customers remember your brand by the product and just not by the name or logo.

Various branding agencies in the market would help you to promote and effectively target your audience.

Brand awareness strategies that help in customer retention

One has to implement various branding strategies to be on the top. Some of the important brand strategies might include:

  1. Knowing your audience
  2. Rewarding them after certain intervals to keep them invested
  3. Use the latest trends on social media and be active
  4. Monitor every dialogue
  5. Work with prestigious people to show your brand as elite and authentic

Communication marketing strategies for brand promotion

Then comes the role of communication marketing strategies which refers to the strategy used by the creator to entice its targeted audience; this can be done with the help of brand alignment, budget alignment, and customer alignment.

The statistics

Now another important term called customer retention comes into the picture, referring to the company’s efforts to preserve the existing customers. Nearly 44 % of companies focus on new customers, and only 18% of companies think of retaining the older ones, while the rest of 40% focus on both. There are many ways by which any creator can boost brand awareness. Some of them are; by applying new discounts and sales regularly, by holding customer surveys, providing excellent customer service, being active in the community, and many more.

Some creative ways for brand awareness and brand recognition are as follows:

  1. You may write for other websites as a guest blogger.
  2. Improve SEO with the help of user-friendly intent
  3. Can add various captivating infographics

Brand recognition and brand awareness both go hand in hand as it would be highly strenuous if the customer is interested in your product but unable to recognize your brand. So, to keep them invested in your brand, you can follow the tips discussed above. For all the steps and framework on increasing brand recognition and awareness, choose Domaincer. Let us assist you in creating your ideal product.