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Explainer video and whiteboard animation service

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In the past couple of years, videos have gained popularity as the most effective audio-visual medium. They are a much more efficient, interactive and effective method of communication than text or images especially, an explainer video. We at Domaincer use explainer videos to enhance the understanding of your product or service.

What are the explainer videos?

Explainer videos, as the name itself suggests, is a video aimed at elaborating upon a central concept. They are short, informative videos about a product, brand, service, etc. The objective of an explainer video is to convey all the relevant information effectively in a short span of time. Some explainer videos are animated to make the tutorial both fun and easy to understand.

The type of product or service and the targeted audience determines the kind of explainer video you should use. There are several types of explainer videos like:

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  • Whiteboard explainer videos
  • Animated videos (2D, 3D)
  • Screencast videos
  • Motion graphics animation videos (Infographics)
  • Kinetic Typography animation videos
  • Cut out animation videos

One of the most popular and commonly used explainer videos are whiteboard explainer videos. Let us take you through the process, types, and benefits of a whiteboard explainer video.

What are whiteboard explainer videos?

Explainer video image

Whiteboards are a category of explainer videos consisting of pictures drawn on a white backdrop. All these pictures narrate a story. Whiteboards are particularly suitable for educational content. Other features of a whiteboard explainer video are:

  • It is an animated video in which images appear sequentially. These images usually get sketched on the screen while you are watching the video.
  • The sequential arrangement of sketches forms a complete narrative. This narrative supplements your product or service.
  • The appeal of a whiteboard lies in its simplicity. The simplicity of whiteboard videos leads to much higher retention among the viewers as well.
  • Your customers can easily understand complex subject matters or clauses through a well-executed whiteboard.

We at Domaincer, design a wide range of whiteboard explainer videos for different kinds of brands, products, and services. We carefully analyze and do in-depth research regarding the demographics of the target audience and design content to maximize the impact and retention of your product.

Our process of creating a Whiteboard

Let us take you through our process of creating a whiteboard for a product, brands or services.

  • In-depth Analysis: Our first step is, to carefully analyze your brand and product. We perform a comprehensive requirement gathering process, wherein we try to understand your expectations from the product or service.

We narrow down to the relevant aspects of your product and incorporate it into a whiteboard video using different animation, and story-telling techniques. Every brand has some salient features; we use those features to help make your brand stand.

  • Understanding the business type (B2B or B2C): Understanding the different categories of business that is Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Customer (B2C) is a necessary aspect of content creation. The approach for content creation is different for different categories of business as the target audience changes. Whiteboards are quite versatile and are suitable for both categories. The type of business interaction determines the tone of your video. We create and modify the content of the explainer video according to the business type.
  • Understanding the target audience: We do a detailed analysis of your target audience. We create content that is in alignment with the preferences and understanding of the audience. We take into account all the demographic, social and geographical parameters. We ensure that the content is engaging enough for your target audience.

Elements of our Explainer Video

The objective of a whiteboard explainer video is to convey information, but it should be engaging as well. Right from the beginning to the end, the video should be able to sustain the interest of the audience. The content of your video can be an effective marketing strategy and prove to be an excellent way to get in more customers. Let us take you through our process of designing an explainer video:

Explainer video Image
  • A hook: Getting the beginning right is of immense importance. The hook is an x-factor which ensures that your audiences watch the entire video. Thirty seconds into the video and the audience decides whether or not to watch the video. We try to capitalize on that precious thirty seconds, to get your customers hooked to the video.
  • The central concept: The purpose of the entire video is to convey the central concept. It is the primary message of your video and needs to be engaging and effective. We ensure that the information is presented in a structured manner so that it’s easy to understand.
  • Call to action (CTA): After the conveying the information, Call-to-Action comes in. CTA enables the audience to take the next step and ensures that you derive business value from your video. We try to incorporate a call to action within the video naturally so that it doesn’t appear forceful.

Those were some of the basics of our process for designing explainer videos. We combine all of these elements to create a winning video for your brand. We at Domaincer, believe that quality is paramount. With our best-in-class graphic designers, we curate the most innovative and unforgettable videos for our clients.