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What Are The Best Blogs On Motion Graphics?

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Motion graphics are the up-and-coming new skills that will give a candidate a special edge in the eyes of a potential employer. motion graphics designers are often on the lookout for a good guide or blog to help them keep up with trends and enhance their skills. Many of these blogs are managed by these designers themselves for beginners like they were once. Here’s your helping guide to choose from these prestige blogs.

The motion graphics industry creates fabulous artwork, and all of its designers possess extraordinary skills. These blogs are your gateway to a new dream. Some of them are-

Video Copilot

This beautifully curated blog belongs to Andrew Kramer, a gifted and extremely skillful graphic designer. He is an expert when it comes to cutting-edge tutorials in visual effects and motion graphics. His tutorials and presets revolutionized many of the edited videos. The Video Copilot blog is a huge hit, and their team continues to do groundbreaking work.

Greyscale Gorilla

Nick Campbell runs this blog. He is also known as ‘the Gorilla’. This one is a blog focusing on Nick’s life through his journey as a motion graphics designer at Digital Kitchen based in Chicago. His videos are based on enhancing the skill of motion graphics and one based on how to earn from it. His tutorials are perfect for beginners.

AE Tuts

Launched just a while ago, this blog is creating a fan following really fast. They have a lot of great informative tutorials and articles, freebies, presets, and more cool stuff. They are part of the Envato Network, and with their rapid growth, they have created a great position. This is also a community-based blog that allows you to create tutorials as well.

Video Hive

This is a great space for motion graphics designers. It is run by Michael Capitelli and is full of techniques and tricks for making extraordinary work. There is something for everyone on this blog, whether you are a photographer, a motion designer, or a VFX artist.

AE portal News

Run by Rich Young, this blog is a shrine for motion graphics designers. It has daily updated news of the After Effects world and extensive insights on different aspects of video editing. There are a lot of answers to your questions on this website, with its four-year-old database.

Pro Lost

This blog by Stu Maschwitz, owner of The Orphanage, a VFX company, contains details about film editing and its secrets. He has worked on several movies, namely The Spirit, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sin City, etc. His blog is a gateway to production tips, photography insights, and newly discovered HD video aspects.

Motion works

This blog, handled by John Dickison, contains tutorials and tips that benefit the experts and beginners. With a recent redesign, his blog is very well established and one of the few blogs that started the era of graphic motions designers. His work is often related to motion design for advertising and television, and his techniques never fail to impress. 

AE Scripts

A well-known blog for cutting-edge After effects scripts, AE scripts justifies its name. Handled by Llyody Alvarez, this blog is all things After Effects. It is a very informative blog with the latest updates and links to other AE websites and blogs.

These blogs are operated by experts who want to pass on their knowledge to beginners and grow the motion graphics industry. These creators are very knowledgeable and experienced in their fields and strive to create a space with an easy learning curve. They also provide quick tips and short tutorials for people looking for urgent hacks. Check these blogs out to enhance your design game.