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Best Tools For Making Your Own Motion Graphics?

Picture 1: Essential Motion Graphics tools

Everyone wants to create something of their own. Either to learn a skill for their career or to help them ameliorate their resume. Motion graphics can be an important skill to enhance your small business or a pathway to a new dream. Hiring a firm to create graphics for you can often be expensive and time-consuming. You can learn that skill for yourself and create your motion graphics. 

Multiple tools on the internet can help you create your motion graphics according to your preferences and save intermediary costs. Some of them are-


This is the most efficient and the earliest tool to introduce motion graphics and editing. Photoshop is convenient for cropping frames and pictures, resizing images, using various filters, and designing your motion graphics exactly the way you want.


Illustrator is one of the most famous tools used by motion graphics designers. Although similar to photoshop, it has some variations. It is an entirely vector-based editing software where you can create logos, shape objects, and vector backgrounds. With Illustrator, you can easily import animation files.

After effects

If you want to master the skill of motion graphics, you should learn the basics of After effects. After Effect’s flexibility and versatility make it popular among motion graphics designers. It allows you to design, alter, and animate objects in 2D and 3D space. You can put your work together on this software to animate and manipulate images after editing them.

Cinema 4D

Motion graphics artists usually prefer Cinema 4D over 3D tools because it is user-friendly in nature and convenient. It gives the extra edge from ordinary 3D software to a higher dimension. It has unique features and is compatible with multiple render engines. It is extensively used for modeling, animation, and simulation effects


ZBrush stands out for its realistic and smooth effects. It allows you to drag and pinch animation to your desired form and is perfect for character animations and 3D modeling. It also has a large interface and a variety of tools to choose from.


Blender is the favorite tool of motion graphics designers because it allows them to create professional 3D modeling along with various filters and can choose from existing presets. It will guide you through the process, regardless of if you are an expert or a beginner.


Maya is the best if you are looking for professional 3D software to create 3D assets for television, video games, and films. It offers high-end animations with unique editing tools.


Whether you are a beginner or a skilled motion graphics designer, This application is the best to edit and learn. It has a very easy learning curve and a variety of filters, titles, and text to choose from. It also offers unique sound and editing effects


This is a video editing tool desired by many. It combines a well-designed interface with a fabulous user experience. It also offers unique and potent features that will make your animation stand out. It is also very easy to download and access.


This is an online video animation software designed efficiently for motion graphics designers. It is easily accessible with unique presets and filters. It stands out on the basis of its accessibility and user interface. 

All these softwares are perfect for both- motion graphics designers and beginners looking to start their graphic designer journey. They are all cost efficient and can be used for hours without the software performance getting hampered. Get your design done today.