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2D Explainer video animation and its benefits

2d explainer video

Vision has a profound impact on memory. This has led innovative advertising firms to come up with an online video marketing strategy. Their capability to attract customers and bridge an effective line of communication makes them indispensable.

Businesses use different marketing strategies involving print, audio, video elements. The best marketing strategy involves the use of a balanced yet powerful combination of direct and indirect advertisements to reach out to customers. Gone are those days of lengthy contents. Explainer videos utilize both visual and audio stimulation to have the maximum impact in a brief period.

Why Explainer Videos?

2d explainer video - info

Establishing a brand identity has never been more competitive. Video marketing tactics aim to weave a brand and its products/services into customer memory. This includes webinars, about us- videos, explainer videos, customer recommendations and so on.

Explainer videos introduce the business and their products or services through crisp and relevant explanations. This kind of visual content is extremely engaging and improve the understanding of customers.

Professional marketing strategists like Domaincer use best infographics clubbed with engaging caricatures and audio in an appetizing format. Simple explainer videos can be used to present the most complex messages to potential customers.

2D Explainer Videos-What Goes into Them?

2d explainer video - explanation

Investing in a well-designed explainer video is a wise decision to reach out to a wider audience. Best video marketing strategies by marketing firms involve different formats of animation like 2D, whiteboard, 3D, live-action, motion graphics and so on.

  • Concept Development: Alignment of the concept and business goals is pivotal. Unique 2D explainer videos stem from the business goal and customer point of view.
  • Script and Style Realization: A good script that reaches the target audience and story-telling technique are equally important. Scene sketches and description in a definitive tone constitute this step.
  • Bringing the Concept Alive: Best animators use different software to animate the approved illustrations.
  • Audio Stimulation: A good 2D explainer video is incomplete without an apt soundtrack and voiceover.

Resonating with Customers Using 2D Explainer Videos


2d explainer video - Youtube

The sole purpose of using 2D explainer videos is to connect with the audience. Businesses capitalize on the impact of video marketing by thinking through the user perspective.

The following 2D explainer video features to aid in increasing its marketing potential.

  • Creative Script: The video should be able to give a jest of the business without overselling.
  • Crisp and Short: 2D explainer video length should be just enough to engage potential customers. A short, entertaining video (1 min) encapsulating the prime benefits of a business having more impact than a lengthy one.
  • Problem and The Solution: 2D explainer videos are focused on a problem and its solution. The business service/product is presented as a solution from a user point of view.

How 2D Explainer Video Benefit Businesses?

2d Explainer video of - cost down

2D explainer video popularity can be estimated from the plethora of businesses that rely on it. The emotion evoking appeal of a 2D video translates content directly to the audience by intriguing them.

They focus on delivering a brand message without overwhelming the audience.

The sense of depth makes it easier for businesses to forge the bond of trust with customers. Customers are more inclined towards products and services which care to address their problems.

Another 2D explainer video benefit is that they are easily sharable on digital platforms and help to magnify the customer base.

Boosting Conversions by Strategic Placement

explainer character image

Best marketing videos have an amplified impact on increasing sales when they are placed in the right manner. Animated 2D explainer videos are placed by smart business in many different spots.

Placement of 2D videos on the home page of a website makes it unmissable by visitors.

They can be used to walk users through the highlights of the business. Relevant explainer videos that aptly describe a landing page are a good investment. They increase website traffic, which is inversely proportional to the bounce rate.

Email notifications are effective lead generators. Including 2D explainers make them more engaging. Video emails carry more clarity than text emails.

Blogs have taken over the digital world. Most business websites include blog sections. Adding explainer videos makes blogs more comprehensive and interesting.

Typography explainer behind scene

Emerging businesses can boost customer reach by uploading 2D explainer videos on social media pages. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter make them highly shareable.

The conversation volume sparked by 2D explainer videos online has limitless potential.

The whole point of using 2D explainer videos is to educate customers without numbing their mind.

Lesser the marketing jargon, better are the chances of gaining customer attention. After all, a minute-long video is worth a million words!